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UNO Alumni Association Announces Fall Résumés & Café Au Lait



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Resume Software for Liberal Arts Majors!

Start off this Spring Semester by building or updating your resume! Use your resume to keep track of the activities you are involved in and skills you learn throughout each academic year. If you do not already have a resume, the University of New Orleans Career Services would like to announce our resume builder, which you may access through https://unocareer.optimalresume.com. The OptimalResume software provides an easy way to create, present, and manage an effective resume that meets a variety of needs.

Having a resume on hand will help you when:

– Applying for an internship
– Preparing for an interview
– Requesting a letter of recommendation
– Applying for part-time, flexible, temporary, or flexible positions.

Visit the Counseling and Career Center Career Services website (www.career.uno.edu) to help you with your career planning needs.  As a student in the College of Liberal Arts, you can contact Graduate Assistant, Kelly Fleenor, at kgfleeno@uno.edu with any question about your career search needs.

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