What better place to study the Liberal Arts than at the University of New Orleans? In this culturally, ethnically, and artistically diverse city, you can get hands-on learning in a living laboratory. Our goal with this blog is to keep you informed of all events held by the college in the interest of furthering our mission in the community.

The College of Liberal Arts offers twenty-four undergraduate majors in thirteen departments: Anthropology, English, Fine Arts, FTCA (Film, Theatre, and Communication Arts), Foreign Languages, Geography, History, International Studies, Music, Philosophy, Planning and Urban Studies, Political Science, and Sociology. The Departments of Planning and Urban Studies, Anthropology and Geography make up the School of Urban Planning and Regional Studies (SUPRS). In addition, the College offers Masters Degrees in all of the above departments with the exception of Philosophy and International Studies. It offers the MFA in FTCA, Creative Writing, and Fine Arts and the Master of Music. It offers the Master of Arts in Arts Administration, the Master of Public Administration and the Master of Urban and Regional Planning. The College also offers Ph.D. degrees in Political Science and Urban Studies.


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