Film Screening: Vida Propia, with filmmaker Sara Garrahan

  • Sept 3rd — 9:30 am
  • UNO Campus
  • Bicentennial Education Center – Room 103

    The filmmaker, Sarah Garrahan, will talk about and show her film, Vida Propia, which follows the life of first-generation Mexican immigrant Nora Mendez. Nora finds herself working in a busy restaurant kitchen in North Carolina and struggling to support her family in the United States. The film’s observational style follows Nora through everyday moments – from working long hours, to spending time with her family, to reflecting upon the meaning of a life narrative itself.

    “The way I see (the film) is very simple. It is about a person who is here for a dream. Little by little, their dreams begin to unfold and progress. More importantly, they share a part of their life. Not everything – but the most essential parts. The most important moments in my life have been those spent with my children. It is about what it means to be a human being on an emotional level”.
    -Nora Mendez Sanchez


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