Blueprint for Louisiana Growth Management and Transportation


(Co-sponsored with the UNO Transportation Institute)


Blueprint for Louisiana Growth Management
and Transportation

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The Louisiana ASCE-T&DI chapter will highlight the work the Merritt C. Becker, Jr. UNO Transportation Institute (UNOTI) was tasked by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) and the Louisiana Transportation Research Center to conduct research on growth management policy for application in Louisiana. In many areas around the state, growth is not planned or managed effectively; State and local government agencies often react to what has occurred and attempt to catch up with the necessary infrastructure. Growth management initiatives are intended as a mechanism for coordinating infrastructure investment and development to encourage a safe, efficient, sustainable and multimodal transportation system.

UNOTI developed recommendations for minimum state requirements for local growth management policies for use in Louisiana, particularly with respect to transportation and the state’s new Complete Streets policy. As part of this effort, UNOTI met with representatives from stakeholder agencies and organizations in each region of the state to gain their knowledge and insights about current conditions in their jurisdictions, opportunities for improvement, and barriers to policy implementation. In addition UNOTI conducted two statewide surveys and evaluated the potential costs and benefits of implementing select growth management policies. From this research, UNOTI developed a set of potential policies, programs, and strategies that local and regional agencies throughout Louisiana can employ to promote managed growth and support livable communities.
A native of Baton Rouge, LA, Eric Kalivoda is a licensed professional engineer in Louisiana, Arizona, and North Carolina. He presently serves as the Deputy Secretary for the DOTD and has experience in the fields of highway geometric design, traffic engineering, highway safety, and urban and statewide transportation planning.

Dr. John L. Renne, AICP is an Associate Professor of Planning and Urban Studies at the University of New Orleans and Director of the Merritt C. Becker Jr. University of New Orleans Transportation Institute. Dr. Renne is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). His research focuses on transportation and land use planning, including livable communities, sustainable transportation, and evacuation planning. Dr. Renne is an author and editor of Transit-Oriented Development: Making It Happen (Ashgate, 2009). Since moving to New Orleans in August 2005, Dr. Renne has shown leadership in the city’s recovery. He serves on a number of local and national boards within the transportation and planning fields. Dr. Renne has convened several national conferences and workshops on issues related to transit-oriented development and livability, sustainable transportation, and evacuation planning. He is a founding host of the National Evacuation Conference and he chairs the City of New Orleans Sustainable Transportation Advisory Committee.

SPEAKERS              Eric Kalivoda, Ph.D., P.E., Deputy Secretary, Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development
John L. Renne, Ph.D., AICP, Associate Professor of Planning and Urban Studies;

                                    Director, Merritt C. Becker Jr. UNO Transportation Institute; Director, Transportation Studies

DATE                         Tuesday, May 5, 2015 from 5:00-7:45PM

PLACE                      Engineering Auditorium, EN 101, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

(For directions go to: Engineering Building is Building 12)

COST                          See the other side for the cost of the seminar and the registration form.

PDH                            2.0 PDHs can be earned.


5:00 5:30 PM            Registration (Sandwiches & Soft Drinks)

5:30 – 5:35 PM            Introductions: Jennifer Stenhouse, AICP, Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX)

5:35 – 7:35 PM            Seminar Presentations

7:35 – 7:45 PM            Questions and Closing Remarks: Jennifer Stenhouse, AICP, CPEX

Return Address:

Chairman: Mike Paul; TRC Solutions, Inc., 8550 United Plaza Boulevard, Suite 502, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Phone: (225) 216-7483   Email:

Vice Chairman: Ronald Schumann, Jr.                   Treasurer: Jim Simmons                                                Newsletter Editor: Joffrey Easley

Executive Committee Members

Dan Aucutt, Om Dixit, Joffrey Easley, Malay Hajra, Elba Hamilton, David Kanger, Dennis Lambert, Louay Mohammad, Mike Paul, Jim Simmons, Jennifer Stenhouse, Bill Temple, Ann Wills

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