Model UN Reveal Party

11.20 Model UN Country Reveal Party PIN Slide

The UNO Model UN delegation has now been selected, its country assignment has been made, and we are already beginning our preparations for the conference in New York to take place 29 March – 2 April 2015.  Our delegation this year will consist of 22 students, whose names, majors, class standings, and nationalities you can see on the attached spreadsheet.
This year’s delegation is our most diverse to date.  It includes 8 Americans, 5 Nepalis, and 2 Mexicans, as well as one student from each of these countries: Iran, Brazil, Ireland, France, Egypt, Honduras, and Venezuela.  They also represent the most diverse spread of colleges and disciplines, including the BAIS program (6 students), Political Science (2), Civil Engineering (1), Engineering Management (1), History (1), Computer Science (1), Environmental Studies (1), Mechanical Engineering (1), Finance (1), Interdisciplinary Studies (1), and Physics (1).  They are an enthusiastic group of over-achievers and globally-engaged UNO students, and they are very eager to start their regular meetings, studying the politics, history, culture, geography, ethnicities, and customs of Nepal (and South Asia), and to take their knowledge to the Big Apple.

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