Dear COLA Community:
Effective, beginning with the Fall 2014 semester, the university will implement changes in your General Education (Gen. Ed.) and Major Coursework requirements. 
Continuing students should be okay around the Gen. Ed. details, but these students who have not yet declared their majors will move forward with the new changes to their respective curriculum, after the start of the Fall semester, which will most likely mean the addition of coursework around “upper division” (upper level) classes.  This will also be the case for Transfer students and the percentage of applicable transfer coursework within the major. 
Regarding the Fall 2014 changes, a continuing student is one who is currently attending UNO – right now…not a new student attending in the Fall, and not a returning student for the Fall who has been out of school for this Spring semester….
Here is the solution:
If you are Undecided, I want to encourage you to declare a major before the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester.  Some Undecided students are actually following a major curriculum they have not yet officially declared; others are torn between a few majors; still, a handful of you are really Undecided…so, make a decision, okay?
If you are in a major, officially, but are considering an official major change, we should discuss your ideas before you make that change — especially if you change majors after the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester– as you may be tacking on additional coursework…and there is no going back to the previous major under the old requirements that you had secured.  Sometimes you are listed as one major but are actually following another curriculum, altogether, or, you are thinking of going in another direction but are still recorded, differently, in the System…so, first let’s talk it out and then make a decision, okay? – before the Fall ’14 semester.
The above situation also applies to minors.  If you have been pursuing a minor or are considering one, let’s get that declared in the System now.  If your minor falls within another college, go ahead and declare it within that college, now.
Finally, all students are going to be expected to declare majors and minors at least one full semester before graduation.
**Currently, the way to go about declaring or changing a Liberal Arts major (and minor) is first to receive departmental advising and then to visit the COLA office – 273 Milneburg Hall — to request the official declaration or major change.
I do not meant to alarm you, but I hope this is clear, and I am available to address your questions, confusions, and concerns.  In all of this, it’s actually simple: 
For continuing students, before the Fall 2014 semester begins:
— If you are officially Liberal Arts Undecided, declare your major.
— If you want to change your major, let’s talk first and make sure the change is feasible, and then declare your major.
Thank you,
Adam Peltz

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