Third Space, Chicana Feminism, and Writing in Colonial Situations

Professor Damián Baca, an assistant professor in the English Department and faculty affiliate in Mexican American Studies at the University of Arizona, will be giving a talk “Third Space, Chicana Feminism, and Writing in Colonial Situations” on 4/7 at 3 p.m. in LA 197. Baca works at the intersection of rhetoric, comparative writing systems in Mesoamerica/later America, and globalization. Baca investigates the rhetorical potential of post-Occidental reason – an invitation to theorize with, against, and beyond inherited patterns of thinking that emerged in Western Europe under capitalism.  His work, informed especially by Gloria Anzaldua and Walter Mignolo, examines how and why the current study of Rhetoric and Composition becomes an unquestioned alternative to the immense global plurality of communicative forms and knowledges that remain obscured. The talk is sponsored by UNO’s Latin American Studies Program, the Women’s Center, and the English Dept.


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