UNO St. Claude Gallery Exhibtions


The UNO St. Claude Gallery is hosting two new exhibtions:
“Paper Mountains” 
Valerie Corradetti

“AUTOREPAIR: Pulsed Plasma Stimulation”
David Hassell




The UNO-St. Claude Gallery is excited to announce the opening of two MFA Thesis Exhibitions, Valerie Corradetti’s “Paper Mountains,” and David Hassell’s “AUTOREPAIR: Pulsed Plasma Stimulation.”  In her work, Valerie Corradetti utilizes the processes of photography and drawing as a lens through which to unpack and understand the world around her.  David Hassell also uses his work to access a familiar subject, the body.  He approaches this subject through unconventional and industrial materials, creating video and sculptural works that transform plastics into flesh. The exhibits will be held concurrently, from March 8 – April 6, 2014. 

The UNO St. Claude Gallery is located at 2429 St. Claude Ave.

Regular gallery hours are Fridays through Sundays, from 12-5 p.m.

Valerie Corradetti, “If I lie, I lie because I love you”, 2013, sublimated pigment print

David Hassell, “P.X174 v.3T3”, 2014, mixed media


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