Coffee Talk Lecture Series presents “The Art of Black Power:African American women artists and Black Nationalism”


Thursday, October 10, at 12:30 in LA 197 the Coffee Talk Lecture Series will be hosting “The Art of Black Power: African American women artists and Black Nationalism,” by Dr. Nikki Brown, UNO Department of History.
Some of the most strident demands of the Black Arts Movement and of Black Nationalism were made by women like Elizabeth Catlett, Bettye Saar and Faith Ringgold, who see it as their obligation to produce art that reflected the dignity of ordinary African Americans and challenged racism.  The art of African American women is best and most clearly understood as working in service to a Black nationalist vision – self-determination, liberation theology, economic independence for the African diaspora, and freedom of speech for American political prisoners.  Dr. Brown will look at the art and the history in this lecture.
Coffee Talk is sponsored by the UNO Women’s Center, with support from the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. Feel free to bring your lunch; snacks, coffee and tea will be served.

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