What can you do with a degree in Liberal Arts from UNO? Just about anything!

We often hear the question from prospective students, parents, and others about what you can do with a Liberal Arts degree. We think that a more important question to answer is “What do Liberal Arts majors learn?” To ease worried minds, we’ve provided data from our most recent exit polls to show the skills acquired by liberal arts majors and the jobs our alumni have been able to attain because of them.

Over half of the students who completed the COLA Graduating Senior Exit Poll in the 2012-2013 Academic Year reported that they had developed skills in generating ideas, making presentations, problem solving, writing articles and reports, editing, and researching through their degree program.

Over 40 percent of the students reported that they learned the skills of public speaking, implementing ideas, teaching others, scheduling, and organizing people, projects, and tasks.

More than 30 percent of the students also reported developing skills in persuading others, interpreting languages, advising people, investigating problems, planning programs and projects, analyzing data, and mediating between people.

2013 COLA Majors Skills Report Chart2

These skills open up opportunities for COLA grads in government, education, arts, media, business, architecture, communications, transportation, and more. Getting a degree in Liberal Arts means that you learn how to think and stretch yourself in ways that can help you in almost any career. Our alumni have gone on to become lawyers, artists, senators, CEOs, teachers and professors, writers, city and parish officials, planners, advisors, coordinators, performers, film makers, business owners, consultants, research associates, managers and administrators, and reporters, to name just a few!


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