CALL FOR PAPERS: The International Conference on Naturalism

All COLA faculty and graduate students are invited to send a paper proposal for an international conference held on the UNO campus and sponsored by the UNO College of Liberal Arts:

Deadline for proposals – August 15, 2013

UNO Associate Professor of French Dr. Juliana Starr is Chief Organizer of an International Conference on Naturalism to take place at the University Center of the UNO campus March 6-8, 2014. The event is co-sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages and the School of Liberal Arts. Approximately 100 participants from the U.S., Austria, France, Canada, Brazil, Tunisia, Libya, and Iran are expected.

The conference includes three days of sessions and book exhibits at the UC, a juried exhibit of original photographs at the UNO main campus art gallery titled Southern Women at Work in honor of the working women of naturalism and National Women’s Month, an opening night reception at the UNO art gallery, a screening of the Louisiana film Low and Behold in the Robert E. Nims Theater in the PAC, a banquet on the Natchez Riverboat, and an optional tour of Laura Plantation.

You are cordially invited to view the conference website and the call for papers:


The following are suggested topics or panel headings:    

*Frank Norris and Zola

*French and American Naturalisms—Urban and Rural

*Female Naturalist Writers in the US—North and South (Willa Cather, Edith Wharton, Kate Chopin, etc.)

*Naturalism and the Sublime

*Natures and Naturalisms (French, Francophone, Filmic)

*Le roman experimental in Europe and America

*Zola and Naturalist Theater

*The Medan Group

* J’accuse in America: Context and Response

* Naturalism in Africa and the Caribbean

* Naturalism in Nineteenth-Century American Creole Literature (Alfred Mercier, Sidonie de la Houssaye, Georges Dessommes, George Washington Cable, etc.)

*Naturalist Aspects of Contemporary American Cinema

*Zola and the Ashcan School of Painting (John Sloan, Robert Henri, William Glackens, George Luks, etc.)

*Naturalism and Neo-Naturalism in Austrian Literature and Film

Abstracts may be submitted either in English or French. Please e-mail your suggestions for panels and/or abstracts with a brief resume to:

Dr. Anna Gural-Migdal, Professor                and                  Dr. Juliana Starr, Associate Professor

Dept. of Modern Langs and Cultural Studies                     Dept. of Foreign Languages

University of Alberta, Canada                                              University of New Orleans, USA                                                                                                                 


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