UNO Alumni Debut Feature Film at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre



UNO alumni Stanley Wong, Owen “Chip” Hornstein III, Joe Sokmen and Tyler Russell recently stood onstage at the world famous Grauman’s Chinese  Theatre in Los Angeles, discussing their indie film Steve Chong Finds Out That Suicide Is a Bad Idea. 

The comedy is set around four friends who “embark on a misadventure to a remote lake house where one of them announces that he plans to kill himself. The four friends who serve as main characters are recent college graduates struggling to find their place in the world.” The filmmakers screened their work at the UNO Film Fest in 2011. Upon completion of the film, they were awarded a grant totaling $20,000 from the Louisiana Independent Filmmakers Program that they used for editing, post-production audio and polishing – and hiring a publicist.

We would like to congratulate the team on their success and for making us UNO Proud! You can read more about the film, filmmakers, and their experiences in the UNO Film department here.


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