Dr. Connie Z. Atkinson Presents “My City of Ruins”



We would like to recognize Connie Zeanah Atkinson, PhD, for the presentation of her paper “My City of Ruins–Tourism in Post-Disaster New Orleans, Louisiana,” to The British Association of American Studies. The presentation took place at Exeter University, Exeter, England, on April 19, 2013.

Connie Atkinson is the Associate Director of the Midlo Center for New Orleans Studies and Associate Professor of History. She received her doctorate in music from the University of Liverpool, Institute of Popular Music, the first academic institute in the English- speaking world dedicated to the study of popular music.


Dr. Atkinson was a journalist in New Orleans for many years, at the Courier and Figaro newspapers, and New Orleans Magazine. She edited and publishedWavelength, New Orleans Music Magazine, for 11 years.


Dr. Atkinson has published many articles and book chapters related to New Orleans music, including “Armstrong and the Image of New Orleans” in Satchmo Meets Amadeus,  ed. Reinhold Wagnleitner, StudienVerlag, Innsbruck, Austria,  2006; “Whose New Orleans?” in Sharon Gmelce, ed., Tourists and Tourism Reader,  New York, Waveland Press,  2003;  “Music’s Place in the Packaging of New Orleans for Tourism,” in Simone Abram, Jacqueline D.  Waldren and Donald V. L. Macleod, eds., Tourism and Tourism: Identifying with People and  Places, Oxford, Berg 1997; and “Creativity, Compromise, and the Tourist Industry in New Orleans” in Helen Taylor, Richard Wilde, eds. Dixie Debates, London, Pluto Press, 1996.


Dr. Atkinson serves on the board of directors of the French Quarter Festival, Satchmo Summerfest, as well as the advisory board of several other community organizations. She was local arrangements coordinator for the International Association for the Study of Popular Music held in New Orleans in 2010.



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