CALL FOR APPLICATIONS TO RECREAR MAGNIFY 2013 – ‘Innovating Youth Participation’

The following call for applications was sent by Recrear International, which was founded by UNO Alumni Gioel Goacchino in 2007.

Calling Young Professionals Interested in Community Development to Apply

Information on Recrear International & RecrearMagnify 2013

Applications deadline: Friday, 15 May, 2013


Recrear is an intercultural non-profit organization working to make youth agents in the design and implementation of community development initiatives. We design programs utilizing participatory and creative techniques (photography, sports, development theatre, and many others) that provide space and tools for youth to articulate their needs and build a vision for their community’s development. We use the insight we gather to work alongside local youth in assisting development actors with the design, monitoring, and implementation of youth-friendly programs.


We are currently recruiting the most original, creative, and diverse staff and members to integrate into our our 2013/14 team and attend our annual conference RecrearMagnify. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Innovating Youth Participation’. Applications are open until MIDNIGHT EST on Friday, May 15th, 2013. Applications can be found at

RecrearMagnify is more than our annual conference. It is a three-week full immersion into a dynamic international network of students, consultants and young professionals collaborating to make young people’s voices, energy and perspectives an integral part of international development practice. The conference is an opportunity for Recrear to train our 2013-14 team, prepare for the year ahead, and further develop our non-profit organization. After having conquered Berlin (2010), Ottawa (2011), and Quito (2012), in 2013 RecrearMagnify will land in the vibrant city of New Orleans. The city’s response to Hurricane Katrina, which hit the city in 2005, has made New Orleans a North American example of community resilience and rebuilding. Post Katrina, New Orleans’s civil society worked together to rebuild a more resilient and active community. This year’s theme will be “Innovating Youth Participation”. During our conference our speakers and workshops will explore themes of the importance of youth inclusivity and participation for sustainable development. We will host speakers on participatory/experiential learning workshops, the importance of youth’s vision for sustainable community development, and collaborating with development actors on ensuring local youth involvement with development initiatives.

We encourage applicants from every field and nationality to join our team. What makes you a good addition to Recrear is your willingness to work with others, a passion for community transformation, and an obsession with intercultural environments.

We look forward to a great conference in August. Stay posted as we will be sharing more information as we move closer to the conference.

The Recrear Team


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